Snowball Effect Please

Things are moving. Alyosha is a healthy baby. There was a little jaundice issue but we got it cleared up before leaving the hospital. We couldn’t be prouder parents. We’re beaming.

But work doesn’t slow down for the DIY hybridized artist/entrepreneur crowd, and we’re doing our best to keep up the momentum. We shot this video with friends Ricky Olmos and Joel Worshim last time I visited Michigan. “Birth Control” was one of the first songs I wrote for Alyosha. It became a big crazy monster on the record, but this is the way it sounded when I wrote it.

It’s really refreshing to get feedback on this thing finally. Other people besides me are finally talking about it. What have they said, you ask? I’ll show you.

We got a 5-star review in Lemonade Magazine (from Washington) that said, “The psychedelic folk group finally found that unique voice that everyone craves, but rarely attains,” and “Alyosha is the needed uppercut to the humdrum folk world. It is a wakeup call that screams there is so much more to the genre than a singer sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar.” You can read that here, and our interview with them here.

Tuned Up calls it “organic and deliberate,” as read here. The Herald Bulletin in our own little Anderson wrote this article and honed in on the fact that our new album is super weird. They also taped me doing a few songs from the new disc.

My favorite interview was with Profound Distractions because he got more in depth than I’ve been in most interviews. That’s a deep cut read for sure. And my favorite review came from Justin Wesley over at Denim on Wax. You can read that here, where he writes of Alyosha, “the record should defy many assumptions of what to expect from a folk-based songwriter and musician from the Hoosier state who has been flying under the radar from town to town and is now primed to make his deserved blip.”

Also got a writeup in my ol’ Alma Mater’s school newspaper. They called it “generic’ and “vaguely sleepy,” which is okay. I didn’t expect everyone to like this thing.

I got to play on the DoIt Indy Radio Hour and the show will be playing again at 5pm tonight (Wednesday 11/4) and tomorrow (Thursday 11/5) at 8pm. I was also on The Scene on Indiana Public Radio, the show that gets recorded in Muncie, but I have no idea how to link to that.

I’m still working on stuff: PR, booking, writing. If you have any leads for press-type stuff, I appreciate the tips–this is a new world for me.

Thanks for sticking with us. The record is out now on iTunes and Amazon and Spotify. You can get the vinyl at a show, or order it from our store link.

See you on the road.

The Synchronicity of All Gears in Motion

We’re celebrating the fact that Alyosha will officially come into being, kicking and screaming against the harsh light of the world, in 8 short days.

In the meantime, I thought you all should know what’s happening in our neck of these Hoosier plains.
Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery live at Starry Night
We got the amazing opportunity to share a billing with Seabird, Mike Mains & the Branches, and Jude Moses at the whimsical Starry Night festival in West Lafayette last weekend, and it was one of the best shows of my entire life. Thank you thank you thank you to all our new fans and friends in the greater Purdue area. We’ll be at Hunter’s Pub Down Under on Halloween, so let’s hang out agin then. You can also read an interview I did with the Purdue Exponent right here.

For those of you have asked about the song “Principles of Salt,” you can download it for free over at our Noisetrade page.

We’re also releasing a new video that we’ve been sitting on for a year now. My good buddy Collin from the band The Way Down Wanderers sat in with me to perform an early version of the song, “The Farmer and the Viper,” off of Alyosha. You can see that video right here:

For those wondering about the vinyls, there was an issue at the manufacturer with a broken stamper, so we’re behind schedule, but I expect to have them by October 15th.

Here are the rest of our shows in October:
10/10 – Thirsty Scholar in Indianapolis, IN (full Alyosha performance)
10/15 – Cotton House in Columbia, MO
10/16 – Lucky’s in Wichita, KS
10/17 – Shady Tree in Tulsa, OK
10/18 – San Loo in St. Louis, MO
10/25 – Heartland Film Festival closing gala – Indianapolis, IN
10/31 – Hunter’s Pub Down Under in West Lafayette, IN

Some other great news: we signed with Castle Peak Music out of LA! Castle Peak is a licensing agency, so the goal of working with them is to secure placements in television and film. We’re building a great relationship with the owner there, and are very excited about the opportunities that are bound to arise from this new partnership. To clarify, we’re still an unsigned, independent band, and Alyosha is a self-released record, but we are hoping that this licensing deal will help expand our net! So knock around the Castle Peak website and check out some of the other great artists on the roster.

I’ve posted “Gunfighter Ballad for the 21st Century,” Alyosha’s first single, in our embedded Soundcloud player! Check it out there, or see the live acoustic version I did at a Milwaukee show recently!

And lastly, I got the chance to do a great interview with indie music blog, black on the canvas. Check that out right here!

Lots of exciting things are happening, and none of it would be possible without your continued support. Make sure you’re tracking with us on social media, pass the word along to your friends, and come see us at the next show near you! Happy autumn!