It’s Been a Summer/Alyosha Release Date

My mom is really good at reminding me about all the adult things I need to do: filing my taxes, getting insurance, writing thank you notes, updating my website. I call it “nagging,” but I still tell her thank you for it all the time. So, Mom told me I was delinquent in updating my website and man, she was right.

I’ve been running like mad all ever since mid-May, and I’d like to give you a breakdown of what I’ve been up to. Listen:

The Alyosha Album Release Tour
My brother Jacob, our new guitarist Adam Shuntich, and our last-minute sub bassist Jacob Huff (Huffington Post, Hufflepuff, etc.) and I did six brutal weeks from Indy out to Seattle, down to San Diego and back. Six weeks, six shows a week, one show per city. Except for Wichita. We played two shows there for no real reason except that Wichita is always really nice to us and pats our heads and fills our bellies and sends us away with a 20 in our shirt pocket just like your aunt always did when you were a scruffy little kid.
- Recording at Daytrotter Studios in Rock Island, IL (release forthcoming)
- Eating Indian food and watching Mad Max on my birthday
- Biggest ever STL show with The Maness Brothers at Off Broadway (where I want to play forever)
- Literally every minute in Denver
- White water rafting the Icicle River in Leavenworth, WA with some mega-charming raft guides we met at the biergarten
- A PDX show fell through and made us sad, but we made up for it by going cliff-diving with the Wells family
- Hiking Rattlesnake Ledge outside Seattle
- Biggest ever shows in San Francisco AND Los Angeles, but Santa Cruz is weird and we don’t like it
- Seeing our parents in Hot Springs, AR and kicking it with them on our day off
- A three-night stretch of pure cosmic bliss as we played to beautiful rooms full of beautiful people in Nashville (The Basement, God bless ya Whoa Dakota), Louisville (Mag Bar, God bless ya Brooks Ritter and St. Aubin) and Cincinnati, OH (MOTR Pub, God bless ya Dan Crowe.)

The Indiana CD Release Show
We played with our friends Cyrus Youngman & the Kingfishers and Dream Chief at the Hi-Fi on July 11th. It was sweaty and loud and awesome and thank you all so much.

Touring with the Maness Brothers
Circa early July, 2015. These STL blues-rock boys split my van with me and we ran out to Nebraska and back.
- Impromptu premiere stand-up set at the Jackpot Lounge in Lawrence, KS
- Meeting a drunk pirate and a traveling bicycle theatre troupe on the street
- Recording on the Rock Paper Podcast in St. Louis
- Being introduced to the bumpin’ scene that is Champaign, IL
- I actually just really like hanging out with the Maness Brothers and our buddy Chelsea.

Touring with Motherfolk
So, they had their van AC go out, they left their computer in Pittsburgh, they locked their keys in the van, and they got a parking ticket. But I had fun.
- Opening for The Howling Tongues in Columbus. Best rock show I’ve seen in years.
- First ever show in Philadelphia. That city is bigger than a mother.
- In Williamsburg, Adam and I were looking for a place to eat. A beautiful blonde woman with a European accent standing outside a restaurant said, “We have $3 craft beer,” and the whole situation worked on me. I was THEN introduced to pierogies–truly, I’d never learned of this magic before–and subsequently ate three plates’ worth.
- Hanging out with Ira Wolf and Gypsy Moonshine back home in Indy at the Mel
- Singing with said Ira Wolf at Southgate House Revival in Newport (a little Civil Wars, a little Isbell)

Touring Alone/with Ira Wolf/with The Maness Brothers
Just so happened that Ira and the Maness boys and I were all going to be in Milwaukee the same night. We all played good shows at three different clubs, and then went together to Madison, played, and camped at Governor Dodge State Park. Some totally lame dude told us to keep it down, to which we said yessir, to which he said quiet hours are at 11, to which we said dude we got it the first time.
- Hanging at the beach with my little cousins in Lake Geneva
- Playing at the first gay bar I’ve ever played in Bloomington and loving it
- Hosting Jake and David at the house I hadn’t yet fully moved into after our Muncie show

This week, I’m on tour with Coyote Talk, but this blog is already way too long and so I’ll write a different one for this trip. We’re going to put out a video too.

Oh and one more thing. Alyosha will officially be out in digital outlets and on vinyl on OCTOBER 16. Sorry it’s taken us so long. Hope you’re excited about it.