I don’t know if this track is going to make it on a record or not.

I wrote “Gallows” in my friend Anna’s living room up in Olympia, Washington last summer. I was having a really rough time with some strained relationships in the band that were totally my fault, and I was more than flirting with some self-loathing. This song came out of that time, and it’s honestly a huge bummer to play. It’s especially hard because it’s the most honest song I’ve ever written. Kind of like going to confession.

That said, every time I play it, someone seems to connect to it. I’ve had a lot of folks ask if it’s going to be recorded, and a big part of me is really hesitant because I feel it would cheat the weight of the songs in some ways. But friend-of-the-band Jonny Ginese offered to shoot this take-away show and I figure that this way, anyone who wanted to get a hold of this track can at least hear it this way.

Don’t hold it against me.